Clayton Kevin Baker

PhD student in computer science

Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa
[January 2022]

Hi, my name is Clayton.

I am a first-year PhD student in computer science at the University of Cape Town. My supervisor is Prof. Tommie Meyer.

My PhD research investigates the relationship between human reasoning and the postulates of two forms of belief change in AI: revision and update. The research builds on the results from my Master’s work.

I completed my Master’s degree in computer science, also at the University of Cape Town (Feb. 2020 – Feb. 2022). My thesis has been awarded with distinction (88%). The thesis involved conducting surveys in which human reasoners ranked the plausibility of logic-based postulates of belief change in AI.

I am a Cape Town native, with a passion for science, mathematics and critical thinking. My goal is to establish a South African research centre devoted to mathematics and AI.

My top skills are: scientific writing, speaking, critical thinking, leadership, problem-solving, planning, and time management.